Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Take in the View | Summer Beauty

Summer is coming to an end.

I know. 
 It doesn't feel like it.  What, with 90 degree weather and sunny skies.
Homemade ice cream and mosquito bites.

But alas, summer's clutch is loosening.

My sweet sprite starts back to school next week.  Ugh!
At least my baby boy starts back right after Labor Day - but still!

Well, knowing the inevitable was coming, I have 
school clothes, supplies and lunch bags already purchased.

Now what?

Let's suck the rest of the goodness out of these days.  Right down to the marrow.

And let's hold on to the memories...

We've walked.  And loved.

We've jumped.  We've run.

We've played.  And played.  And played.

And spread our arms out to the world...amazing!

We've looked up through the trees to the glorious blue sky with puffy white clouds.
And sighed.

We've contemplated life.  It's joy.  It's sorrow.

We've reveled in the beauty of nature.

We've crossed new bridges.


We've honed our skills.  And learned lots of new ones.

We've seen the cycle of life.
It is great.  It is mournful.

We cherish.  


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