Thursday, December 9, 2010

Take in the View | Snow Day, Part Deux

Another snow day.

We could start getting used to this.

Instead of going outside (The Boy is still fighting off a yucky cough) we decided 
to do a fun project inside the warm confines of home.

I hadn't expected to bring these out so soon.  I had planned to have a surprise craft
over Holiday break.  Oh well.  It was the perfect snow day activity!

These really big gingerbread man cookie kits from Trader Joe's are awesome.
$3.99.  That's it.  
Buy out the store people.  The kids LOVED it!

Here's what you get...

Extra frosting and some red hots I included.

The Sprite carefully, patiently squeezed frosting onto her giant cookie.

The Boy did the same.

Orange frosting and sprinkle hair...yum!

The Sprite's masterpiece.

The Boy's masterpiece.

Yea!  Fun!
A perfect way to spend a snow day.


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