Thursday, January 6, 2011

Obsession Worthy - Sunglasses

I love me a great pair of sunglasses.
And, I die (hi Rachel Zoe) for tortoise shell.  They are always in style!
Definitely sophisticated. 

You can glam up any outfit, summer or winter, with a sweet pair.  And they keep the ultraviolet rays
from damaging my eyeballs.  And they keep me from squinting - keeping crows feet at bay.

But, if you ever see me out in the bright daylight, you might wonder about my eye apparel. 
It is not hip.  It is most likely smudged.  And it is absolutely scratched.
What gives?

Well, first, I have children.  And I realize that this should not be a pass for not having
some sweet and stylish sunglasses.  It's a totally lame excuse.  I acknowledge this.
But, when one of these small people that I have was much smaller, this smaller person took a very
beautiful pair of my sunglasses and systematically destroyed them in less then 3 seconds.

I was naive to hand the glasses to this smaller person.  I was thinking that the glasses would entertain the child for a few seconds while I probably did something very important like determine that cold fusion
does exist and can be harnessed as an energy source....I digress.

The second reason I don't have some hot and happening sunglasses is because I lose them.
Yes, I said it.  It's true.  I have owned beautiful (and often, expensive) sunglasses and have 
lost them within weeks of purchase.  Foolish and costly.

So.  I know what my limitations are.  I buy very inexpensive sunglasses and hope for the best.
I try to be as stylish as possible.  Yet - I do so yearn for these....

And these.  Ahhhhh.


Any one of these pairs of sunglasses would be soooo lovely to own.

Alas,  I will not cave to temptation.  
Though it will be difficult with the awesome Ralph Lauren pair.

I guess my $15 cheapy sunglasses will have to do for now.  
And believe it or not - I've had them for about two years.  I wonder why the kids haven't 
gotten their hands on these yet?  Maybe, if I carelessly leave them on the kitchen counter....


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