Friday, February 18, 2011

Obsession Worthy - Flat Sandals

It was a virtual heat wave today.
After all the snow we've had all winter.  The frigid cold these last few weeks.
The temperature reached a balmy 53℉.  Yipee!!!!

Ahhh....a flicker of Spring.
And Spring got me thinking about Summer.  And Summer got me thinking about shoes.

Uh huh!  Shoes.
Sandals to be exact.  Flat sandals, to be more exact.

Lilly Pulitzer


With weather like this, I could easily drift into the delusion that the wearing of 
shoes like these is right within my grasp.  
Darn delusions.  Darn weather! 

Well, a girl can dream.  And when I dream of flat Summer sandals, these 
are my picks for the season!
My preference? One of each, of course.
(Wouldn't that be awesome)


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