Monday, August 30, 2010

Obsession Worthy - Stationary


Have you gotten your mail yet today?
No - not your email silly goose.  Your mail mail.

Anything good?


Bills = boring.

Wouldn't you love to get a letter or note or card...something pleasant in your post box today?

Well, buck up, because it's likely not going to happen.


Because most people don't do handwriting anymore.

It's a lost art.
Antiquated, time consuming, old fashioned, not technically sound...blah, blah, blah.

I love receiving letters!  It's such a thrill.  My cousin and I used to send letters
to each other practically every week, for years, when we were kids.  Pages and pages of...minutiae.  
It was absolutely wonderful!  Precious and loving.  

During the summer I would walk to the post box and sing a little tune to 
myself...Mail, mail, mm, mm mail.  Mail, mail, mm, mm mail.  
It was my very clever and original mail chant. 

But I sang it each time, willing a letter to be sitting inside that box.

I sometimes catch myself singing that tune as I walk to the box these days.  I've brainwashed
myself, yes.  But I still hold the hope that there might be something lovely waiting...

So, while I'm waiting - let us not allow our family and friends to wait in vain too.

Get the ball rolling with letterpress stationary.

A simple gesture?

Yes!! Yes it is.

 Take that first step.  Purchase some gorgeous cards, get some stamps and jot a "Hello"!

One simple note is sure to inspire your inner handwriting lust.

Pillar box 1

You'll make someone's day - no joke.

And you'll feel especially good, warm and tingly.

Win - Win!!

And maybe.  Just maybe.
You'll trot to the post box, singing a familiar mail song, and find
a little piece of sheer happiness awaiting you.

Letters from Friends


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