Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Obsession Worthy - Wedding Cakes


Anniversary month.

Ten years.

Good heavens.  
Has it really been that long?

September is a lovely month to wed.  
Even though wedding season is kind of rolling to a close.

Here's a look at our wedding cake.  Not the best picture to see detail, though there wasn't much detail.
  It was a very simple cake.

It was delicious - oh sooooo delicious.  
Rich, moist, decadent banana cake.  Holy moley it was good.

But not a spectacular, show stopping (or show pausing) cake.
And that was fine by me - it's exactly what we wanted.


Let's say I was getting married this year - 2010.
What kind of cake would I choose now?????

Let's have a look see...

If I was having a spring or summer wedding this blue number would be lovely.  
I would definitely have fuchsia and orange flowers for a beautiful contrast.  Yummy!

And this.  Well, let's just say that I have a thing for yellow.  And the pops of
pink petals are heaven.

Black and White Wedding Cake

Mmmm.  Sophisticated and polished.  An evening summer wedding.
Cocktails and candlelight.  Skinny strapped sheath dress.
Can't you just picture it?

Overlapping Circles Wedding Cake

Classic with a geometric twist.  Clean, clean, clean.  Fancy.
Pristine flowers in butter yellow, ivory and shots of celery green.

Wedding Cake

Whimsical.  Floaty, mossy.  Deep orange, ginger and sienna colored flowers.
Mocha and peeks of chartreuse.

Wedding Cake

Possibly a winter cake?  Modern and traditional all at once.  
Flowers could be deep reds and almost black purples (eggplant).  Stunning.

Aren't these precious?  I wanted to serve individual cakes at our wedding.
My design was square and two-tiered.
It was not cost effective - hee hee!

This cake is so elegant.  Quite current.  A delicious change from the standard.
Though, browns and blues, and even browns and pinks, are a little too
common now in home decorating and party color schemes.
Maybe browns and purples?

The choices are so beautiful and so endless.

I'm glad my wedding planning days are behind me because I would
be hard pressed to make a decision I could stick with.

Good luck to all of you out there planning away.  It'll be beautiful - no matter what!

Now, what to get the husband for an anniversary gift?
Choices.  Choices.


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