Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Did I mention...I had homework?


My little sprite brought me homework to do last week.

Actually, her teacher sent home homework for me and the husband to do.  Naughty.

The sprite just started 1st grade and her teacher asked the parents to write 
a little blurb about their own 1st grade experience.  

You know, so the little tikes could relate to us old folks...  

"Back in the day when Mommy was a little first grader we walked to school uphill 
both ways.  We were allowed to play Dodge Ball in Gym class.  
And I thought my Art teacher was an actual witch." 

Okay.  That's not such a hard assignment.

But...she also asked us to draw a picture to go along with our story.
I thought a stick figure portrait of myself would be frowned upon.

So I included this...

Go ahead.

I give you permission to laugh with unbridled abandon.

Are you done yet?


Okay, I'll wait.

Alright.  Reel it in people.

Listen.  I cannot be held responsible for the above picture.
You can thank my Mom for that.

I showed my little sprite my work before I placed it in her 
folder to take back to school.  

She was just slightly stunned. 

Though, once her teacher sees this contribution (and after she's 
picked herself up off the floor from laughing so hard) I think we should 
be in good shape the rest of the school year.

Or maybe not.

Maybe my sprite's teacher should reconsider the error of her ways.


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