Friday, September 10, 2010

Did I mention...the nest is kind of empty?

The Boy started back to preschool this week.

The Sprite started back to school two weeks ago.

I now have three hours Monday - Friday, to myself.

I'm on day three.  It is very quiet.
And a bit lonely.  

Even with this baby home with me.

My plan is to keep myself busy with blogging here at Figgity Jam.
And here - a place where my Mom and I blog together.
Maybe trying to get some freelance work?

But, three hours is a lot of time.  

Sooooooo - I'm also going to start doing some targeted redecorating in my house.
I'm going to be cooking, trying out new recipes and perfecting old stand-bys.
Organizing.  Organizing.  Organizing.

That should keep me out of trouble.  Maybe.


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