Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Obsession Worthy - Address Labels

So, have you sent any snail mail lately?

A thank you note for dinner at your friend's house.
A get well card to your cousin.
A simple hello letter to your old college roommate.


Well, let me share with you another reason why you should crack open a new pack
of number two pencils.  Buy that amazing letterpress stationary.  
And get some stamps - yes, actual stamps - and send some happiness in the post box.

Address labels by Felix Doolittle!

Come on!  How precious is this?  And seasonal to boot.

But look at these....



Seriously cute!

And I'll tell you, this is just a small sample of what's available.

Felix Doolittle will pretty up any envelope you send.
Even those nasty bills that you may still be paying by post.
(Though you my not want to waste such beauty on a silly bill.)

Need more motivation?

Felix Doolittle is offering 20% off address labels through Oct. 17!

Go!  Go now!  And get some lovely letter writing, envelope prettying, motivation!


(This is not a paid advertisement. Felix Doolittle has never heard of me or Figgity Jam - though I love them all the same!)


  1. And right now Felix Doolittle Return Address Labels, Seasonal Return Address Labels and Doolittle Junior Return Address Labels are all 20% off! Thanks Figgity Jam for this very sweet post!

  2. I LOVE Felix Doolittle. They are just so very pretty. I gave some labels last year as Christmas gifts and I bought my daughter some of their bookplates. Apparently, they will also take commissioned work. Can you imagine how fabulous that would be?